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Every Spring, Andrew McPherson’s young granddaughter Aimee plants a garden of flowers at the front of her family home. The gorgeous fragrances and colours of Aimee’s flowers in full bloom never fail to lift our spirits and bring a smile to our faces.

Fruit for the McPherson Moscato was harvested from select vineyards within the Swan Hill and Murray Darling region of Victoria. The fruit

was crushed, pressed and cold settled before being inoculated. The juice was also fined prior to inoculation to ensure that the final wine is smooth and easy to drink. The fermentation was conducted at very cool temperatures ranging between 8-10°C, with the fermentation period taking 10 days. To make certain sugar / alcohol balance was perfect, the ferment was measured daily for sugar and alcohol levels. The final wine was then fined, cold stabilised and filtered within a week to ensure the retention of the spritz and to keep the wine as fresh and fruity as possible.

Varietal composition 55% Brown Muscat, 45% Gordo

Alcohol 5.5%

Winemaker Jo Nash and Olivia Forbes

Aimee’s Garden Moscato Mcpherson 2023 | Add On

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