400g Soy Candle

Scent Description: Feel snug with the aroma of lotus blossom blended with white musk and vanilla.

The Feel Good Collection adds a cute twist to our jewellery candles - featuring six playful scents, coloured wax, and adorable jar designs that will make you smile.

Each candle contains a generous 400 gram natural soy wax that has 90-100 hours of burn time. With a much cleaner burn and amazing fragrance throw, these candles are perfect for gifting! This candle also treasures a gorgeous sterling silver jewellery inside for an experience like no other.

The candle also includes a rose gold metallic lid and a beautiful candle box.

*Props in the photo are not included*

*The jewellery you will discover inside this candle is not necessarily the same colour or design as pictured online: as it is a lucky dip, we bring the element of surprise in each product *

Let’s Avo-cuddle